What We’re Loving Early September Edition

Eventhough I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade, I am always looking to see how I could improve or what we could do to make things more interesting, have more fun, etc. Additionally, after a revelation that The Hunger Games was based a lot on Roman history, including that several of the main characters (especially in Songbirds) were named after famous Romans, I have become interested in pursuing some resources that we haven’t always made time for. And I have HUGE plans for next year, in case you haven’t seen my boards on Pinterest lately! Haha.

Some of the materials I am trying to make more use of. Charlotte Mason was my favorite theorist when we started out, but we just haven’t made the time for an in depth study of these materials (with the exception of Latin of course!) I am trying to learn more about how to implement Charlotte Mason in our family, with a particular emphasis on Plutarch’s Lives, Shakespeare For Children, as well as artist & composer study.
Did you know: not only was Coriolanus (as in Coriolanus Snow) a notable Roman, but he actuall has a Shakespeare play written about him?! What! His father Crassus was a Roman too, as were many of the other characters in the Hunger Games series.
I am having a good time trying to re-organize my shelves. I needed to find a home for the Durant books, and they got relocated to here, below the childcraft books. All of the books in this shot were either free or lowcost. We got the entire Childcraft set FREE from the library at a book sale, because nobody wanted them! SCORE!
We are loving good old tracing paper! Son ran out of room or drive here and apparently left a couple of continents off.
Blossom & Root Wonders of the Prehistoric World. I am still madly in love. I am planning on using her Physics materials for next years. She has a real talent and I am so grateful that we discovered B&R!!!!!!!! I recently purchased the year 1 science curriculum (Wonders of the Earth & Sky) for when we are finished with this 12 week program, but I found out that we didn’t have nature study (because I didn’t realize I needed it/wanted it). I went back and bought it, and I know my son is going to love it. I am learning so much from their facebook group and I am just SO grateful!!!!!
We are LOVING LOVING LOVING trickster tales, as well as any and all books by Gerald McDermott, and picture books in general. My 6 year old cannot get enough, and my throat is rather sore every day as a result! It is really a sweet time to be reading these stories together. And, as sharp eyed readers may know, it has inspired me to start writing a curriculum based on trickster tales. Stay on the lookout for a finished product in the next few months!

Other things we are loving:

  • Library curbside pickup
  • Riding bikes & scooters
  • Being outside
  • Weekly Poetry Teatime
  • Implementing a quotation of the day, usually in Latin, from Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations
  • Old Peter’s Russian Tales (although the jury is out whether they’re fully PC or not…)
  • Online classes– my oldest just finished the Bravewriter Boomerang class for Emma, and she is hoping to write a comic book with several friends from the class! My 6th grader is taking middle school writing projects non-fiction with Brave Writer, as well as a 6th grade math class through our homeschool charter.
  • Online preschool– my 6 year old’s preschool is doing an online program for 30 minutes each day during the month of September. Today was my 3 year old’s first day, and I think she is warming up to the idea! Such strange times we’re living in.
  • Books– Everyone is loving their materials from the library, and I personally joined a Charlotte Mason book club on facebook. I’m hoping to learn more strategies and techniques that I can implement in our homeschool!
  • Tea, lots of tea! (and coffee too.)

That’s what we are loving this month so far. What are you loving right now?

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