Indian Mythology Homeschooling Resources

I wanted to share a recent Instagram post I made, because I think this is information that needs to go beyond that particular app. We need more expansion in the homeschool realm. A book series recommendation + some mysticism. Warning this may get long. The other day, I posted on my private IG account about … Continue reading Indian Mythology Homeschooling Resources

7 Ways not to “Lose Yourself” as a Homeschooling Parent

I have been feeling particularly called to help parents that were not prepared or expecting to homeschool transition into making distance learning work in the fall. Additionally, I am getting more interested in my own desire to learn new design skills such as how to create infographics. I thought it might be fun to create … Continue reading 7 Ways not to “Lose Yourself” as a Homeschooling Parent

Visual Encyclopedias and Reference Materials

Books covered in my Instagram live today Please note: this post may contain affiliate links. For more information please see my¬†affiliate statement page.¬† Over on Instagram, one of my IRL (In Real Life) friends asked me about illustrated/visual encyclopedias for teaching various subjects. I went ahead and did a live today (7/22/20), but that story … Continue reading Visual Encyclopedias and Reference Materials