Trickster Tales

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We are deep into trickster tales over here.

“Trickster tale, in oral traditions worldwide, a story featuring a protagonist (often an anthropomorphized animal) who has magical powers and who is characterized as a compendium of opposites.”

“Trickster tales are used to entertain and often to teach lessons about how to behave and treat other people. First Nations people have used trickster stories to teach their children for many years. Tricksters are smart and they use their knowledge to play tricks or to try and bend the rules.”

My son is also appreciating other Native American tales involving animals, such as Coyote and the Grasshoppers, which is a wonderfully told story that I highly recommend.

We have been enjoying the trickster tales so much that I have felt moved to write up a unit lesson plan. I’m not sure what will happen after it’s done, but I’m having a great time writing it!

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