More Homeschooling High School Planning Thoughts

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As I begin to plan for my second high schooler, I have some very different ideas.

Firstly, ICYMI, check out the post I just wrote about creating a “Mini MBA” reading list.

I have written two prior posts on this topic, which you can find here, and here.

This blog post is meant to contain further homeschooling high school planning thoughts that I haven’t previously posted about.

Other ideas I am thinking about/curriculum I am considering for my rising 9th grader include:

Foreign Language

First Form Greek (because she refuses to do Latin!)

Likely Duolingo. She is currently doing Spanish and French.


A Live Math Class with Mr. D Math


Bookshark American History via the Joy Hakim books

Beautiful Feet’s Modern U.S. and World Senior High Pack — some of the books in this pack are really for older students. We will be omitting Kite Runner, for example. However, I really like the literature included in this pack, and I think it will be a great compliment to the Joy Hakim U.S. History books. My daughter picked this pack out when we were looking at options, and I think she’s really going to like it! There are several topics that she has begun to touch upon in her World History this year, and I’m just really optimistic that this is going to maintain her interest level and provide her with a robust amount of reading!


As for Science, I’m still at a loss. Ideally, I would like her to do the same Modern Biology that she my current Ninth Grader is working through, but it’s quite intense, and I’m not sure if it’s going to be a good fit.

So far I have my eye on:

Real Science 4 Kids Focus On High School Chemistry Set and accompanying Focus On High School Chemistry Lab Kit

Oak Meadow’s Environmental Science For A Changing World Course Package, 2nd Edition

Their Forensic Science Course Package also looks SO cool. I am thinking about that for my older daughter. But $$$$$!


Relatedly, I’m looking at the Integrated Drawing Course Package and Art Kit – Integrated Drawing

And I will likely go ahead with the A Classical History of Art Set for my older daughter.


As for English, I have my eye on Oak Meadow’s The Hero’s Journey: Literature and Composition Course Package, 2nd Edition or possibly the First Edition, depending on our budget.

We will also likely do the Brave Writer Boomerang books, but those won’t be announced until June!

Anyway, that’s where I’m at with plans for next year right now. I will probably write another post at some point about my thoughts for my rising Tenth Grader, since the plan is substantially different in terms of intensity. I hope you have found these meandering thoughts helpful 😀

Thanks for reading!

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