3 Pre-Kindergarten Task Cards I’m Adding to Our Homeschool Routine

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post about incorporating task and free choice cards into my youngest child’s routine. I mentioned my hope to blog about the experience here. Rather than waiting until I have all of the materials printed and assembled, I thought it might be more helpful to first share the links to the products themselves here.

My 5 year old has been having a hard time adjusting to our new routine, so I was on the look out for cards that might help her settle into a routine of her own. Here are the ones I found, and what was appealing about them:

1. Start the Day Checklist-Morning Routines for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This is a basic checklist kind of cards for young children to remember what they need to do in the morning. For example, brush teeth, make bed, eat breakfast. I have heard of large families using these task cards to help their younger children get started in the mornings. We haven’t had a need to use such a system until now. I think the visual cues will be very helpful for my 5 year old, and I do plan to laminate these and place them on a ring.

2. Daily Kids Home and School Schedule Boards- two styles with over 50 cards

This product creates a sort of daily schedule for the kids. In a classroom setting, I think, the teacher sets the order of events. In our homeschool, these will be the options for my 5 year old to do. I purchased this set because it includes the main “centers” that we already have set up. For example, there are cards for things like doing a puzzle, reading a book, playing with blocks, etc. I am hoping the visual cues will remind my 5 year old of what her options are, while still giving her the free choice of what she would like to do.

3. Task Boxes Special Education Bundle for Independent Work Systems 100 Sets

While these are labeled as “Special Education,” I believe they can easily be used by any children. They break down independent tasks to work on into one or a few skills at a time, rather than a more complex thing.

What I’ve purchased so far:

This is the proper size boxes, from Michael’s. I bought the amazon linked ones below, but they are too small! Snag the Michael’s ones while they’re still on sale!:

The following affiliate links are to the products that I bought to make the Independent Work boxes (and print all the cards) for my 5 year old. You can find many of these things at places like Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Target. The cost of gas figured into my pricing analysis here! Additionally, when I purchased these items, they were being offered at a great sale price. Pricing will likely change over time, so if you see one of the items and think that’s a crazy price! Then clearly the sale has ended 🙂

I am going to make a list of further supplies for the initial boxes I’ll be making, and we will eventually head out to Dollar Tree or Target, to pick those up.

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