Blossom & Root Oceanography is Here! (Almost)

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Guys!!!!!!! Exciting news!!! As you may know, I make it a habit to stay off of Facebook a majority of the time. Recently during one of my brief visits, I discovered some super exciting news!

Blossom & Root is in the process of releasing new material, which in addition to a comprehensive 5th Grade, includes a new science level containing….




Whaaaat?!?! I KNOW! I’m so pumped over here! I’ve been interested in finding an in depth Oceanography curriculum for a LONG time. The closest thing I could find was a gorgeous curriculum that was 100% Christian, replete with scripture throughout the student activity pages. Some friends recommended blacking out the text, but it didn’t seem worth the bother to try and McGuiver something that had problematic (for us) issues throughout.

I also got excited when I found another, also Christian, curriculum, that was structured differently, which we could have just not printed the Bible pages. However, after watching a review of that curriculum, it turned out that the curriculum was almost completely dedicated to ocean animals, rather than a comprehensive study of the ocean including things such as tides, ocean floor features, etc.

Imagine my surprise, and SHEER DELIGHT, to hear that Blossom & Root, a SECULAR homeschool company, was coming out with its own Oceanography program. I’m so pumped, and I just had to share

Here’s the full info:

The entire Science level will be called “Wonders of Worlds Beyond” and it will have two parts:

(1) Oceanography– 24 weeks (wonders), which will launch by September 1, 2021; and

(2) Astronomy — 12 weeks (wonders), which will launch by November 1, 2021

If we’ve talked before, you know that my favorite part about the Blossom & Root science is that it has a litany of options for each “wonder.” In addition to the bare minimum, which is what the “spine” encyclopedia is for, there are nearly 10 different ways to approach the various topics. From visual learners to hands on learners. The potential to truly dig deep into the different lessons is unlike anything I have ever seen.

You can see a list of the lessons, the book list, a sample lesson, and even a sample lab on the generous sample pages posted to the Blossom & Root site.

Once the curriculum launches, I highly recommend Hard Copy HQ for all your printing needs. They also have a special discount code for B&R orders, but I have used them for all of our curriculum printing needs since we first head of them last summer.

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