2020-2021 Homeschool Curriculum Picks in Photos

I shared these as a post on facebook, and I really liked how the photos conveyed what books we would be using this year. I think it is hard to conceptualize having a bunch of links and lists. Also, I can’t be on facebook for more than a few days at a time each quarter, so the post isn’t visible unless I create a separate representation.

So, here it is! You can find the full list of everything we will be using here, here, and here. (This is about 80% of everything. Some grammar & math books, etc. not pictured.)

These are also all posted on my Instagram, if you’re interested in additional information.

Books for my 6th grader who will be doing Blossom & Root’s Wonders of the Animal Kingdom (secular). The curriculum itself is at the bottom of this post, if you want to see what it looks like.
Books for my 1st grader who will be doing Blossom & Root’s Wonders of the Prehistoric World
California History & other books, to be read by my middle schoolers.
Books recommended by Here We Read! Most are from her Best of 2020 list, if I am remembering correctly. Here is the link to her amazon store which is super easy to navigate and has a ridiculous amount of amazing books listed!
Science for my 7th Grader, REAL Science 4 Kids. Purchased from Home Science Tools. My 6th Grader will use the Biology text as part of her science this year. There are 2-3 chapters about animals. (Yes I realized the scissors were in the frame, but this was the best lighting of the options I took. Did I mention I’m not so great at photography?!?!?!) My 4th grader will also be doing REAL Science 4 Kids Geology & Astronomy at the elementary level. The covers are identical.
Various California History & other books, including a few from the Beautiful Feet Early American Enrichment Pack. Some for my 4th grader & some for my middle schoolers.
Mostly California History books + some Here Wee Read picks.
Shark Unit Study from Stephanie Hathaway Designs. Also for my 1st grader. I printed these on our home printer & they turned out beautifully! We laminated the cards & will cut them out soon. Very excited about this!
Shark books we got for the unit study!
7th grader’s, Boomerang Titles from Brave Writer. More info about that here.
Beautiful Feet California guide, other California History selections. Full list can be found here.
More of the California History books.
7th grader’s history: Book Shark world history year 2.
6th grader’s books, most of the Brave Writer Arrow selections, plus a bonus book. More info about Arrows here.
Additional California history tales & just back in stock print version of Tiffany Jewel’s book, heart eyes!
Our Science guides from Blossom & Root!!!!!!!!!!!! The top 2 are for my 1st grader & the rest are for my 6th grader! They arrived today from HardcopyHQ print, highly recommend! Super reasonable turnaround considering this time of the year, also very high quality end product.
I found this book as I was ordering some of the other California History books. As the title states, it tells about Black Americans in California during the Gold Rush, with the main focus being on a successful Black merchant during that time. I’m really looking forward to sharing this one with my kids! I may start some kind of campaign to get this written into the California State Social Studies standards, honestly.

That’s nearly everything! I hope it is helpful to see these all listed out.

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  1. So excited to see you using Boomerang! Emma was definitely a challenging novel to start off with- with middle school boys, haha! But, we are doing great and I love seeing inspiration from other homeschoolers! GO YOU! 😉

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