7 Ways not to “Lose Yourself” as a Homeschooling Parent

I have been feeling particularly called to help parents that were not prepared or expecting to homeschool transition into making distance learning work in the fall.

Additionally, I am getting more interested in my own desire to learn new design skills such as how to create infographics.

I thought it might be fun to create a document with some of my top tips for parents surrounding how to not get completely consumed with the demands of homeschooling your children.

I posted about this on instagram. Some reflections I made were that I might change the kinds of fieldtrips to be less “WASPy,” eventhough seeing the Joffrey Ballet & a Monet exhibit are two examples of outings that I personally wanted to do, and we were able to see. And it was so worth it! In fact, we saw some 5 or 6 professional ballet performances in a 2 year period, while our oldest was deep into her ballet class education. She has since moved on to distance running with me, and is considering swimming or volleyball when everything opens back up.

Homeschooling is, in and of itself, meaningful work, of course! However, it has been my experience that focusing solely on your own family can be incredibly isolating & lonely, especially in times like these where natural socialization is particularly limited.

Thank goodness for my graphic design & artist friends who so generously offer to (and do) help me figure things out.

It has been quite interesting to me to see the things that I can achieve on my journey as a lifelong learner, due to an increased amount of time being spent at home.

I hope this infographic is helpful to you, and please let me know if there are other ways that I can support your homeschooling journey!

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