California History Book Haul

You can read more about where these are from here, but I realized that my list wasn’t updated to include some of the titles I added that were suggested as I was shopping.

While I will eventually go back and update that list (I’ve even ordered a title about the Black gold miners’ experience which looks super cool), I thought it might be more fun to switch it up from my usual verbosity & let them photos speak for themselves!

These are actually mostly Arrow books from Brave Writer +1 title recommended by a friend, but while we’re showing books, why not?
Sotomayor bc 2 lawyer family & Echo because All the Muñoz books!! Brown Girl Dreaming bc it was on all the lists.
Separate is Never Equal is all about the Latinx segregation case that preceded Brown v. Board in California!

Will insert the photo of the last few titles here once they arrive.

Let me know what you think! I’m super pumped to use these books with my 5 kids in our homeschool this year 💪

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