Valentine’s Day Exchange Prep

Today we are preparing for our valentine’s day exchange park day tomorrow. We don’t know how many kids will be there, but there is always a huge turnout for holidays.

We had purchased toys from target, but then heard there would be some Valentine’s at a Tuesday park day, so we brought those things (slime, pencils, rings & stamps) there, and we needed something new for Friday!


I decided to use up the mason jars I have been hoarding since I got into canning. I ordered some heirloom seeds from amazon & created a little insert in google docs.

For the kids, I printed some free valentine’s I found from and other sites. Then I ordered some organic, vitamin C, dye free lollipops (legit homeschool style) and fortunately found just enough glue to affix them onto the back of the kids’ valentines!

Super simple & easy to make a ton for a large group. The lollipops came in a bag of 40, so we made 120!




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